Things Change... Check the pulse of your organization.

In organizations, the pulse can also be used to describe the health or well-being of the organization's culture, climate and employees. A pulse survey can be used to measure the health of employees within an organization or work group. Usually it is focused and geared toward collecting data on a limited number of questions or gathering data from a limited number of employees. The goal is to produce a single statistic or measure from which to track trends. The pulse survey can be a cost effective way to continually monitor the health of the organization over time and track movement on key performance indicators.

  • What do TNS Pulse Surveys offer?
    • Measures improvement in employee engagement
    • Provides an index score to gauge improvement over time
    • Tracks performance through the use of a quality improvement metric similar to Six Sigma
    • Provides additional information on the specific actions taken as a result of the annual survey to determine if progress is being made on employees' action plans
    • Enables improvement efforts to be tracked and can gain an early indication of whether or not survey results will improve during the next employee survey cycle
    • Ability to utilise key driver questions that can be an early indicator of improvement or decline

For more information on how to use a pulse survey as a tool to collect data that drives business decisions, please contact TNS, and see if your organization's action plans are on target.