Our Project Managers handle all the details

Project Managers are trained survey professionals who work with each client throughout every step of the survey process. Together, they will help your organization implement a global employee engagement survey program that will stay on schedule and budget. Your project manager will handle all of the key details and navigate the survey program while you concentrate on internal matters and everyday job responsibilities. Whether your goal is to research employee engagement levels, improve employee retention, or measure customer satisfaction, our expert project management team will identify the factors impacting your bottom line, and convert survey data into actions that enhance overall performance.

  • What makes TNS Project Management unique?
    • Design custom survey questions aligned with your specific organizational goals
    • Deploy surveys in multiple languages to accommodate employees around the globe
    • Work with you to determine the most effective administration method for survey distribution
    • Integrate online, paper and/or IVR survey responses
    • Educate leaders on ways to improve survey response rates
    • Guaranteed report delivery within 10 days of your survey
    • Guided creation of organizational and reporting structures
    • Incorporates historic trends into your results
    • Performs additional statistical analyses of the data, such as: correlations, key drivers and regressions
    • Ensures that you stay on track, on time and within budget