Normative data helps you put survey results into the proper context and target the right improvements

Global organizations utilize TNS Online Panels to compare their performance to that of their competition. Our panels represent data from millions of employees, consumers and high performing organizations across the globe. 

  • What do TNS Online Panels offer?
    • Accurately reflects your customer or employee base
    • Built and managed with high operational and panel management standards to provide consistent, high quality online research results
    • Brings results into perspective so the right improvements are targeted in order to get maximum return on the survey investment
    • Quantitative comparisons against other organizations on the same attributes based on industry, geography and performance
  • Why are TNS Online Panels different?
    • Specialty panels are designed to provide access to specific groups of consumers
    • Categorizes data segments in areas such as healthcare, finance, B2B, automotive, family, media, and behaviors
    • High-performance norms offer valuable benchmark comparisons for companies looking to outperform the competition or maintain a leading position
    • Provide a high-level target for improvement with data compiled from global organizations demonstrating above-average growth, financial returns, brand performance and employee satisfaction