Gathering feedback helps employees feel valued and ensures a successful transition

When companies merge, their structures, processes and cultures change. Disbelief and feelings of uncertainty permeate corporate walls. Immediately following a merger it is crucial to watch for symptoms or challenges that may impact an organization's future success. The result of the combined efforts of performing a Merger and Acquisition survey will be a merged company with a new hybrid culture that is supported by all employees. Research has proven that this approach is the best way for both companies to achieve the operating and financial performance they hope to attain from the merger.

  • What do TNS Merger and Acquisitions Surveys offer?

    Merger and Acquisition employee surveys identify the following major signs of concern:

    • Preoccupation: Are employees obsessed with the merger? Is this reducing job performance?
    • "We" vs. "They": Are employees focusing on the differences rather than similarities of the merging companies? Is management encouraging a positive strategic vision for the future of the company?
    • Illusion of Control: Is management producing an action plan promising that merger changes will be as painless as possible? Is such a plan failing to reassure employees?
    • Constricted Communication: Are most employees ignorant of what is occurring within the organization? Is top management retreating to the Board Room to form strategies but have lost touch with the rest of the company?
  • The TNS Advantage

    In order to determine cultural attributes of the acquired company, an assessment utilizing a customer designed survey tool needs to take place prior to the merger or immediately following.

    TNS' Merger and Acquisition Surveys:

    • Determine the cultural attributes that drive performance factors from employee engagement and productivity to outcomes of profit, which should be identified to evaluate any differences from the acquiring company
    • Establish the differentiators of the factors that drives success in each company
    • Assess the cultural attributes to understand how they affect engagement levels, productivity, and the bottom line of profit