Manager Feedback Surveys help develop strong leaders through candid employee feedback

While 360 degree leadership surveys are useful for gaining multi-directional view of a leader's performance, some organizations prefer to focus on upward feedback - where employees rate their managers. Considered a one-way approach, questions are directed at supervisor effectiveness, which provides targeted responses from a leader's direct reports.

  • What do TNS Manager Feedback Surveys offer?
    • Identifies links between organizational surveys and individual employee assessments
    • Documents each manager's feedback and progress over time, regardless of where they may move within the organization
    • Elicits behind-the-scenes views of leaders' behaviors and skills
    • Improves employee engagement by demonstrating to employees that their feedback is valued
    • Holds leaders accountable for improved performance
  • Why are TNS Manager Feedback Surveys unique?
    • TNS' database contains best practices from high performing organizations around the world to help guide managers
    • Our advanced technology and proven methodology optimize the process of obtaining employees' insights, as they rate managers' strengths and areas for improvement
    • Our expert consulting team will create a specific action plan based upon your survey results and personal goals, in order to drive professional development and improve your organization's business results