Not just a survey.

Low employee engagement is a symptom of deeper organizational issues and often appears as high employee turnover, low productivity and strained customer relationships.

  • 49% of employees are looking for a new job or will once the economy recovers. Key drivers for leaving: Lack of career progress, poor treatment during downturn, job security and benefits.
  • 97% of CEOs cite "access to and retention of key talent" as their greatest competitive advantage.

Many companies may find themselves unprepared to compete - not just for talent but also in the marketplace.

  • TNS Solutions and Tools

    Relevant and powerful tools to give you the know-how to attract and retain top talent.

    • Employee Engagement Surveys
    • Pulse Surveys
    • 360 Leadership Surveys
    • Onboarding Surveys
    • Exit Surveys
    • On-going Coaching

    Support throughout the entire employee life cycle gives you the insights you need for better talent management.

  • Proven Increases in Engagement

    Intuitive, robust, guided and seamless:

    • Survey administration (online, paper, IVR, paper)
    • Results reporting
    • Action Planning
    • Ad Hoc Reporting
    • Comment Mining
    • D.I.V.E. (Rapid and deep dive data mining)

    Expert consultants in employee engagement and research who:

    • Uncover opportunities for increased engagement
    • Recommend best practice strategies to overhaul employee morale, reduce employee waste, connect better with customers, enhance brand perception and loyalty and increase customer spending

    A Global Normative database of 126 survey items from 1.5 million employees in multiple industries. Multi-cultural expertise in survey design, translations, reporting, executive presentations and consulting.

  • The TNS Advantage
    • Reports in 10 business days 
    • Ability to brand and customize surveys, reports and reporting sites
    • Reports and reporting tools that are easy to understand so managers can take quick action 
    • Complete training to aid managers in maximizing their survey results
    • Scientifically validated survey items to ensure survey responses align with your survey goals
    • 142-point quality control checklist, from start to finish, to safeguard against errors
    • An expert survey partner whose only business is employee surveys and employee research

A TNS consultant is always available during business hours for a complimentary discussion about engagement within your organization and will help you benchmark your current engagement levels within your industry. Contact us for more information.