TNS has more conversations with more consumers than anyone else.

Attracting new customers and taking control of market share from the competition provides a pivotal growth opportunity. Industry leaders look to TNS to improve their customer's experience through sales, marketing, or business development in order to increase product sales. Understanding how people approach decisions in any given industry and what factors contribute to consumer behavior is significant to winning new customers and developing solutions to create precise growth strategies.

  • TNS: Experts in Customer Experience

    Brand success is ultimately dependent on consumer behavior. When a consumer chooses a brand, it is the result of two main factors:

    • How they feel about the brand
    • The situational market factors, such as price and availability. that may have an effect on behavior

    TNS understands that there are underlying motivators and strategies that can influence a consumer's attitudes and behaviors. We focus on understanding the three dynamics of decision making on an individual's brand choice.

    • Weakness of brand image to the public
    • Diminished quality standards
    • Decreased market share
  • TNS Solutions and Tools

    For companies looking to outperform the competition or maintain a leading position, research and statistics offer valuable benchmark comparisons. These can be comprised of data from global organizations demonstrating above-average growth, financial returns, brand performance, and employee engagement, which ultimately offers a high-level target for improvement. By approaching each challenge with a fresh perspective, TNS is able to utilize each organization's goals as the basis for program design, ensuring that actions are meaningful and directed towards specific goals. Sophisticated statistical techniques are used by our expert consultants to assess the relationship between employee survey results and other key business metrics, including customer service ratings and engagement scores. Linkage analyses are then used to drive higher performance for each client's organization.

  • How TNS Retains Customers

    To help brands thrive, TNS uses a specialized model to gain insight into the critical factors that affect spending patterns, what attracts new consumers, and the factors maintaining the support of existing customers to optimize their spending. Our model is based on extensive research and expertise, and a precise understanding of today's market to predict the patterns of the future.

  • The TNS Advantage

    Using its experience in market research, TNS provides insight into what influences consumer behavior and brand choice. By classifying spending patterns as habitual, rational, or based on one's emotional state, TNS identifies ways to win new business and achieve increased growth. The overall goal is to develop and implement action plans and strategies that target key consumers' needs and position its products to capitalize on growth opportunities.

A TNS consultant is always available during business hours for a complimentary discussion on the customer experience within your organization and will help you benchmark your customer experience levels and strategies within your industry. Contact us for more information.