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We provide coaching and engagement solutions that leaders can use to support their employee engagement, customer satisfaction and overall business performance goals. Our insight gained from working with high performing organizations around the globe and extensive experience in survey research has provided best practices and linkage between customer and employee research. This information plays a critical role in the development of high performance models that are heavily focused on bringing together solutions for employee surveys, talent assessment and retention. The end goal is to deliver powerful results for customers, and engage leaders in the ongoing process of employee engagement.

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  • Challenges we solve

    TNS can help you use specially-designed tools and apply our innovative solutions to the challenges your organization is currently facing.

    Low Employee Engagement
    Retention of Top Talent
    Ineffective Leadership
    Lost Customers
    Brand Ambassadors

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  • Why are TNS solutions different?

    We take a proactive approach in delivering insights and coaching to managers. Our thought leadership solutions are designed to be more than just “data dumps." TNS uses its extensive employee engagement research and talent management experience to provide insights, best practices and recommendations on how to improve workgroups within an organization. The process engages managers throughout the entire process by delivering these insights via email on an ongoing basis to ensure information is received and utilized by the managers.