Effective leadership is your key to growth

Certain leadership competencies create motivating climates that encourage employees to perform at high levels, driving greater customer satisfaction and increasing financial performance. A global TNS survey found that among high performing companies, 32 percent of respondents have confidence in the leadership ability of senior management. This data demonstrates how companies that engage their employees deliver greater results. Inspiring leaders encourage employees to go beyond expectations, recommend improvements and seek out ways to expand their roles. They also earn their employees' trust through fair treatment and open communication, which can strengthen commitment and promote the retention of top performers.

  • How it hurts your organization

    Research increasingly shows that leadership behaviour is a key factor in driving employee engagement. TNS' analysis on employee engagement shows a 52 percent gap in operating costs between companies with highly engaged employees and companies with low engagement scores. As workplace dynamics are changing, there are key questions to consider:

    • How do we ensure that our talent within the organization is ready to take on greater roles?
    • How do you know what drives effective leadership?
    • How do I implement a leadership development program that is cost effective and makes an impact on my employees?

    TNS leadership development solutions can help you answer these questions and any others that you have regarding your leadership development programs. High performing organizations understand that investing in leadership is essential to business success. Poor leadership practices cost companies millions of dollars each year by negatively impacting employee retention, customer satisfaction and overall employee productivity.

    As the business environment changes over the next few years, younger generations will be asked to lead teams and organizations. Proactive and forward thinking organizations need to start investing in their future by developing these employees.

  • Effective Leadership Strategies

    Our leadership assessments give organizations more control over workforce strategy and reveals a clearer picture of strengths and capabilities.

    Features include:

    • Online systems that make the assessment process more efficient, reliable and affordable
    • Insights to help organizations develop targeted coaching and training programs
    • Online reporting, action planning and best practices
    • Assessments that can be translated into multiple languages so reviewers can provide feedback in their native languages
    • Online set-up for nominating leaders and raters to participate in the process
    • Unique IDs and passwords to ensure responses and results remain confidential
    • Tracking mechanisms that allow users to closely monitor the survey process
  • How TNS Motivates Inspiring Leaders

    In order to maximize an organization's potential, focus needs to be placed on employee engagement programs. Such programs impact shareholder returns and reduce costs of lost time due to accidents. Our programs increase productivity through the development of more attentive and committed employees. Given the significant connection between implementation of an engagement program and the impact on overall business practices and corporate performance, senior TNS consultants suggest implementing the following solutions to leverage an organization into the future:

    • Invest in an employee program that specifically addresses areas of weakness, as identified in an employee survey
    • Link employee engagement agendas to business objectives
    • Establish a system of measuring engagement and the effectiveness of these programs so employees and leaders can monitor their progress
  • The TNS Advantage

    Given the strong link between employee engagement and specific leadership behaviours, it is important for companies to evaluate leadership performance on a regular basis to determine which behaviours have the greatest impact on employees and what should be done to strengthen them to further drive a culture of engagement. Leadership assessments can unleash the potential of executive employees by identifying areas where individuals excel, as well as management behaviours they need to develop.

    Our Benefits Include:

    • Individuals get a broader perspective of how they are perceived by others
    • New insights can be obtained from candid, open feedback
    • Leaders obtain a more rounded view of their overall performance
    • Identified strengths can be used to the best advantage of the business
    • Leaders become more aware of how they personally impact others, both positively and negatively

A TNS consultant is always available during business hours for a complimentary discussion on leadership within your organization and will help you benchmark your current leadership effectiveness and strategies within your industry. Contact us for more information.