Providing insights on what draws and keeps top talent

Smart companies know it takes strong talent to grow a business. They also know what it takes to attract and retain critical talent to maintain a competitive edge. Our experts will provide guidance to leverage your current strengths and establish your best opportunities to take the actions that will benefit your target audiences while improving organizational effectiveness. TNS eliminates the guesswork in determining what's most important to high performing employees, what keeps them engaged, and the behaviours and attitudes you need to look for in new hires. We also help you identify various pitfalls that may be hindering your potential talent from becoming top performers and advancing your business.

  • Predictive data analysis for better business decisions

    Regression, correlation, variance, valence, and means - these words are more than just part of data lovers' vocabulary; these words form the foundation for understanding what's going on in your organization now, what's likely to happen, and the functional areas where it might occur.

    Human resources leaders are in charge of suspecting (or even being fearful of) union activity or unrest with union employees, product or service quality issues, diminished customer relationships, or an employee exodus. TNS' normative database enables leaders to design and deliver effective workforce strategies to drive business performance. The integration of data helps countless HR professionals mitigate loss or take advantage of opportunities to make their companies more effective, efficient, competitive, and profitable.

  • Utilizing industry experience to reduce costly turnover

    Organizations know employee turnover involves more than just the cost of picking up extra work for existing employees; it requires time and resources to recruit, hire and train new employees. Employee turnover impacts company morale, customer relationships and overall productivity. TNS utilizes its experience with some of the world's largest companies to understand the underlying reasons behind employee turnover and provide you with proven strategies to influence an organisation's success by minimizing the rate of staff resignation and driving growth.

  • Giving managers the know-how to extract the best from employees

    Experienced HR professionals know the road to success lies ahead after employee survey results are in and action plans have been made. The most successful leaders know that perceived progress is made when they give managers the tools and know-how to extract the best from employees. TNS' ongoing coaching and training program helps managers foresee possible challenges ahead, forcing managers to stretch their capabilities by demanding more of themselves in order to give more to their company.

  • Your challenges, our solutions

    TNS knows the challenges you face each business day. Here are just a few of the challenges we have helped HR professionals solve:

    • Low Employee Engagement
    • Ineffective Leadership
    • Retention of Top Talent
    • Union Vulnerability
    • Exit Management
    • Onboarding and New Hire Engagement

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A TNS consultant is always available during business hours to discuss challenges specific to your function, team and overall goals. Contact us for more information.