HiPO gives a clear picture of a company's performance and actionable direction on where to improve

A major strength of high performing organisations is their ability to communicate effectively by creating and delivering a compelling brand promise to their employees. High performing organisations know that communication connects employees to the organisational strategy and brand promise, which results in a successful organisation.

  • What does the TNS HiPO offer entail?

    How TNS Creates High Performing Organisations

    As companies continue to experience the impacts of a cross-generational workforce and increased turnover rates, it is evident that productivity and engagement levels will continue to suffer unless we develop more accountable leaders. Our HiPO solution:
    • Creates value for employees and customers
    • Offers strategies to more effectively deliver the brand promise
    • Establishes four essential components:
      1. Passionate leadership
      2. Sound strategies
      3. Robust systems
      4. A high performance culture
  • Why are TNS HiPO Surveys unique?

    The TNS Advantage

    It is vital to understand what your employees think, and use that information to identify the most impactful drivers of employee engagement. Our HiPO offer:
    • Drives growth through increased employee commitment and engagement
    • Identifies the precise actions that are needed to improve performance for growth
    • Gives an accurate depiction of company performance and actionable direction on areas for improvement
    • Focuses on the four essential components necessary to create a high performance organisation: engagement, leadership, alignment to goals and strategies, and organisational capability