Exit Surveys Answer "Why"?

TNS works with clients to identify key issues that are related to turnover and collaborates to develop strategies that will increase retention. A standardized exit survey instrument creates a custom survey process that is designed specifically for each organization's needs. Exit surveys can be administered online, on paper and/or by telephone. Once the results are available, TNS' consultants work with each client to help them understand the issues causing valued employees to leave, and recommends future steps to increase retention of top talent.

  • What do TNS Exit Surveys offer?
    • Cumulative data reporting available on a monthly, quarterly, biannual, or annual basis
    • Detailed reporting available online at sub-unit levels (departmental, store, job function, etc.)
    • Research-based validated survey item bank
    • Global normative benchmark data to compare results with other organizations
    • Online action planning to help managers and supervisors retain their most productive employees
  • Why are TNS Exit Surveys unique?
    • Improve employee retention and decrease turnover
    • Identify root cause of turnover by business segment
    • Increase the objectivity of the survey process with a nonpartisan, third-party vendor
    • Gain in-depth analysis with historical data through online Ad Hoc reporting
    • Hold managers accountable for causes of turnover through specific departmental reporting
    • Link exit survey data to employee survey results to determine how employee engagement is impacting turnover rates

TNS Exit surveys can identify the key drivers of why employees leave and help you retain your top talent. Please contact TNS today to learn more about our Exit Management solutions.