Shouldn't you ask the experts: Your Employees!

Measuring employee input over time helps to monitor the health of the organization and understand the issues impacting growth and productivity. TNS integrates data collection, instant feedback, reporting, action planning, benchmarking, and other tools to provide continual measurement for assessment of your strengths and opportunity areas. Research has proven, “If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

  • What do TNS Employee Engagement Surveys offer?

    The world class online survey software suite helps clients to:

    • Build the online organizational reporting structure
    • Collect data online from more than 300,000 employees
    • Vary administration methods, which include paper and/or telephone
    • Administer surveys in more than 135+ countries and 70 languages
    • Access reports for every level of the organization so that post survey efforts are focused where they will have the most impact
    • Develop action planning and best practices to improve employee engagement and increase manager accountability
    • Develop custom and focused reports with the Ad Hoc Reporting Tool, which make more meaningful comparisons that look at the most useful data
    • Compare one company's results to other industry leaders in TNS' worldwide normative benchmarking database
  • What makes TNS Employee Engagement Surveys unique?

    The TNS Advantage

    An employee survey assessment provides the framework for measuring important business indicators such as organizational strengths and areas of opportunity. It is crucial to gather the ideas and perceptions of your employees who know what works and what doesn't, and what changes need to be made to maximize your potential and grow your organization. Measuring employee input provides:
    • A measurement of key business indicators
    • An assessment of customer experience and satisfaction
    • An indication of the company climate and culture
    • Special topics of internal interest
    • Analysis of the company's global presence

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