The D.I.V.E. Tool drills deeper into data

D.I.V.E. stands for: Diagnose, Inspect, Validate, and Explain. These reports are created on-demand, and are interactive, web-based reports that allow clients to gain greater insights into their survey results. By diagnosing key strengths and opportunities for improvement, D.I.V.E. reports can uncover critical issues affecting your organization's bottom line and deliver more targeted data that can result in enhanced business outcomes.

  • What does TNS D.I.V.E. Reporting offer?
    • Display a variety of charts with the information that suits each company's preferred analysis
    • Select various data displays, including: bar graphs, difference graphs and/or tables
    • Import slides directly into a PowerPoint presentation
    • Display interactive results between data views
  • Why are TNS D.I.V.E. reports unique?
    • Highlight the top scoring groups within a specific department
    • Provide an overview of the groups with the largest historical differences within each department
    • Dive into groups to see how they are driving a company's scores without sorting through pages of data
    • Pinpoint workgroups that need improvement
    • Identify high and low performing workgroups for action planning and best practices
    • More in-depth analysis of the results