Understand the importance of relationships with all relevant stakeholders - from the impact on customers and employees, to business partners and the general public.

Customers are the foundation of business growth and an organization's most critical asset. Loyal customers act as compelling advocates for a business and its brand, and research shows that retaining existing customers is more cost-effective than recruiting new customers to replace them. Employees are an essential factor in building a customer-centric growth strategy, which begins by fostering strong and enduring customer relationships and delivering the brand promise.

  • Challenges we solve

    We provide coaching and suggest actions that leaders can take in order to improve employee engagement, customer satisfaction and overall business performance. The challenge faced by most organizations is delivering actionable information and insights to managers. Furthermore, what is the best way to engage these leaders in the ongoing process of employee engagement? Our processes and systems remove these challenges and eliminate countless hours of work for our clients.

  • Why are TNS solutions different?

    TNS Customer Experience Management identifies the changes that will have the most direct impact on customer retention and growth, and provides a powerful indicator of long-term business success. Successful companies have products that deliver what they promise; by measuring whether the customer's expectations are being met, an organization can gain clear insight and create precise plans that ensure to provide a return on investment, drive growth, and increase loyalty.

  • We can help with the challenges that keep you up at night
    • Brand recognition
    • Customer loyalty
    • Prove the customer experience and the customer relationship
    • Increased competition increases the chance of losing buyers
    • Maintaining a positive reputation for the company
    • Economic pressure is impacting customer's behaviors and decision making
    • Pressure to drive prices down and cut resources back and still sustain the product
    • Competition is getting stronger
    • Promoting new products and services

A TNS consultant is always available during business hours to discuss challenges specific to your function, team and overall goals. Contact us for more information.