Customized surveys target the areas that are important to your organization

When it comes to business surveys, one size doesn't fit all. Each organization has its own goals, challenges, structures, and cultural fit - factors that are not accommodated in standardized surveys. When you need to cover a unique combination of topics or concerns, a custom-designed survey is the perfect solution to gain insights that will lead to higher performance and productivity, increased engagement, and lower turnover.

  • What are TNS Customized Surveys?

    TNS Employee Insights' team of expert consultants and project managers will work with your leaders to design a survey based on your organization's needs and strategic objectives. This personalized approach provides a highly meaningful and actionable survey that provides total flexibility in monitoring key company-specific items.

  • Why are TNS Customized Surveys different?

    Through our customized surveys, you can research a wide spectrum of areas including:

    • Engagement
    • Leadership skills
    • Culture and values
    • Communication
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Elements of the job
    • Training and development
    • Benefits and compensation
    • Benchmarking data to compare to baseline data
    • Linkages between employee engagement, customer satisfaction, overall business performance and shareholder value
    • Any other areas vital to your organization's strategic goals

    TNS will develop a powerful approach to your organization's future growth and success by bringing together customized survey results, assessment findings, and other business insights that will enable higher performance.