Here to help you interpret survey results and create positive change throughout your company

Our highly experienced consultants work with each client to define a path to survey success and increased engagement. It's a collaborative process in which your internal team plays an active role to identify what they would like to achieve through the survey program, and our consultants provide guidance and expertise in key strategic areas. Our Consulting Team helps you navigate the following questions:

  • How do I know if my employees are engaged?
  • How do I interpret my survey results?
  • How do I create positive change throughout the company?
  • What can TNS Consultants do for you?

    Your consultant will provide expertise and guidance in key strategic areas, including:

    • Pre-survey statistical analysis
    • Survey question design
    • Survey communications development
    • Comment thematic analysis
    • Post-survey statistical analysis, such as correlations, key drivers and regressions
    • Linkage research and analysis
    • Action planning and follow-up
    • Executive summary preparation and presentation
    • Results interpretation and action planning training
    • Survey feedback sessions and leadership training
    • 360 degree feedback and coaching
    • Focus group facilitation