It is essential now more than ever to emphasize the importance of employee communication and engagement for businesses.

A major strength of high performing organisations is their ability to communicate effectively by creating and delivering a compelling brand promise to its employees. High performing organisations know that communication connects employees to the organisational strategy and brand promise, thereby resulting in a winning culture.

A 2011 TNS study of high performing organisations to determine widespread challenges and best practices around the world, found that the overall communication process and implementation plan are essential in engaging employees and connecting them to the organisational strategy and brand promise.

To learn how we customise solutions for communications professionals, select a category below.

  • Why our solution is different

    TNS provides a High Performing Organisation (HiPO) model that aims to support organizations in their development to improve business success in all aspects. Projects begin by setting out to identify and evaluate key business parameters; the end goal is to provide solutions and customer experience management techniques to help clients reach their greatest potential.

  • Your challenges, our solutions

    One of the biggest contributors to unsuccessful business is poor communication. This can include a lack of verbal communication in addition to access to information.

    We offer customized solutions for your challenges:

    • Difficulty retaining employees because they don't feel connected to performance outcomes
    • Loss of employee commitment
    • High levels of employee disengagement
    • Impression that individual's voice is not being heard by management or leaders
    • Employees are just biding their time until the economy improves to more suitable career opportunity
    • Difficulty using employees' input to leverage productivity and overall profits
    • Inability to see a link between inspiring leadership and positive business outcomes
    • Struggle to create high performing and collaborative multi-generational teams
  • Your function is our focus

    The TNS HiPO model is an employee research solution that provides a comprehensive framework to identify a company's strengths and opportunities and priority improvement areas to establish where resources need to be focused. We focus on the four pillars of an organisation: engagement, leadership excellence, strategic alignment, and organisational capabilities, in order to help clients set communication action plans that will improve overall business performance. A growth summary is also created for every project that highlights the key growth-related insights that are uncovered in the survey analysis, and are complemented by the expert Consulting Team to provide guidance on how best to leverage such opportunities. Our customised approach aims to drive accountability and enables effective communication across your organisation.

  • The TNS Advantage

    TNS uses unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities across numerous industries and business functions to help organisations create High Performing Organisational models that support each organisation in their development to improve business success in all aspects.

A TNS consultant is always available during business hours to discuss challenges specific to your function, team and overall goals. Contact us for more information.