High performing industry leaders help their managers move the needle on employee engagement, brand ambassadorship and customer experience management.

Customers are the foundation of business growth. Loyal customers act as compelling advocates for a business and its brand, and research shows that retaining an existing customer is more cost-effective than recruiting new customers to replace them. Employees are an essential factor in building a customer-centric growth strategy, which begins by fostering strong and enduring customer relationships and delivering on the brand promise.

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  • Why are TNS solutions different?

    Our integrated business solutions are unique by going beyond just delivering data and reports. The TNS processes and technology systems allow us to stream data together into one integrated platform. An expert consulting team then provides the analysis and insights that managers need to understand where their strengths are, as well as areas of opportunity.

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    By bringing different data sources together such as employee and customer survey data, managers are able to make more reliable and efficient decisions on how to increase performance in key areas. Information is delivered to managers with the knowledge and resources that is needed to develop an action plan to help improve workgroups, customer and employee satisfaction.

  • Innovative platforms and processes

    The TNS model provides a streamlined, integrated approach to utilizing analytical data in an online platform that enables leaders to understand their organization’s performance metrics.

    Our unique approach:

    • Helps managers review programs in a more systematic and integrated way
    • Increases efficiency by bringing together survey results, performance assessments and predictive analysis
    • Integrates data, insights, and actions in one central location
    • Provides perceptions into engagement levels of employees, customer satisfaction, exit survey data and additional business metrics