Benchmarking with global normative data brings results into perspective and helps target the right improvements

Normative comparisons provide valuable insight that can guide decision making, but only if the norms are appropriate and current. We collect responses to 115 key questions based upon client and representative panel data. Normative scores are updated annually with data that is no more than two years old, so our database reflects the most recent research findings. Our extensive database has distinct norms from more than 100 countries, multiple functions and job types, and both union and non-union groups to help you benchmark your performance and develop action plans that drive real change within your organization.

  • What does TNS Benchmarking offer?

    In today's global economy, it is important to know how you measure up to similar companies around the world. With responses from millions around the globe, our normative database allows you to compare your survey results to those of other organizations in your geographic region, country and even worldwide. Normative data can be customized by industry, which allows you to make specific comparisons to other organizations that are in the same or similar line of business. We offer widespread data covering 12 major industries, including:

    • Pharmaceutical
    • Retail Services
    • Telecommunications
    • Transportation
    • Utilities
    • Construction
    • Healthcare/Hospitals
    • Financial Services and Banking
    • Government
    • Manufacturing

    TNS Employee Insights' normative data also provides Function and Department Norms that allow you to benchmark the performance of a particular function such as Finance, Customer Support, Research and Development, or Sales and Marketing.

  • What makes TNS Benchmarking unique?

    We offer norms specific to a given area so you can tailor action plans to that department's unique issues and requirements. For companies wanting to outperform the competition or maintain a leading position, high-performance norms offer valuable benchmark comparisons. TNS norms are comprised of data from global organizations demonstrating above-average growth, financial returns, brand performance, and employee satisfaction.

    • On-demand norms: If our current data is not targeted enough to provide the required benchmarks, we can conduct independent, non-client panels to collect the research you need to make critical comparisons.
    • We have the ability to poll a panel of random employees on areas that require specific measurements or conduct a more intensive study to obtain norms on a larger, or even global, scale.