Advanced Ad Hoc Reporting Answers the "What If" Questions

Every organization is one of a kind with a unique structure and specific goals that must constantly adapt to an evolving business environment. The Advanced Ad Hoc reporting tool offers the flexibility and power to access the information that is needed to respond to your business' challenges.

  • What does TNS AD HOC Reporting offer?
    • Custom reports based on an organization's unique employee survey data
    • Individual home page for managers that stores previously created reports and groups
    • Custom reports in multiple languages 
    • Unlimited data views and reports
    • Increased quality and power of data analysis and interpretation
    • Manager defined reports for specialized analysis
    • Excel, PowerPoint and/or PDF format
    • Reduced need for HR involvement
    • Expedited action planning process
  • What makes TNS AD HOC Reporting unique?
    • Simplified process
    • Unlimited data views
    • Powerful data analysis
    • Empowers managers to create more targeted plans for optimal results
    • Simple, step-by-step report creation, providing the possibility to focus on various segments of the survey for further analysis
Employee Engagement Survey Ad Hoc Reporting