Turn Survey Results into meaningful change.

Simply asking the right questions in an employee survey is not enough. Action planning not only shows employees they have a voice in the organization, but also lead to better customer service, higher employee retention rates, improved productivity and increased profits.
Employee Survey Action Planning

  • TNS Action Planning Prioritization Model

    TNS' Action Planning Prioritization Model is built on a scientifically proven approach that concurs with the work of leading motivational experts. It is based on a common premise that lower level needs must be satisfied before higher level ones can be addressed. This assumption is the foundation of our action planning models and translates into three tiers of needs:

    Employee Engagement Survey Action Planning Model

    1. Level 1 - Basic: Items that address basic job requirements such as sufficient training, adequate tools and equipment, a safe work environment, competent supervisors, and feelings of value and respect.
    2. Level 2 - Intermediate: Items that address employees' growth and development needs, including opportunities for advancement and skill training, cooperation with other team members, and sufficient involvement in work group decisions.
    3. Level 3 - Advanced: Items address employees' organizational commitment needs, such as their understanding of the company's goals and competitive strategies, as well as their level of confidence in senior leadership
  • Action Planning Strategies

    Our experience in developing world-class systems reveals three main strategies that enhance survey effectiveness and turn data into actions that have a significant impact on the business:

    1. Use deeper analytics to fully understand the data and target the right improvements. These can include external and internal benchmarks, psychometric analyses, modeling, and driver and linkage analyses.
    2. Involve employees in clarifying survey results, prioritizing issues and generating potential solutions.
    3. Secure the support of senior leadership in setting the strategic direction, allocating resources and driving accountability throughout the process.

    The TNS approach to ranking improvements needs aligns with leading motivational theories and promotes greater employee engagement.

  • What does TNS Action Planning offer?
    • Interactive reporting approach
    • More intuitive, graphical dashboard
    • Preset report templates that can be customized to your organization's specific needs
    • Slides are exported into a PowerPoint to be used in company presentations
    • Allows action plans to be viewed and edited directly from the reporting site
    • Summary notification reports are emailed to your inbox daily with status updates on overall progress
  • What makes TNS Action Planning Unique?
    • Eliminates redundancies in completion of action plans by using auto-fill forms unique to each user
    • Central home page features a "Quick Status View" of your action plans
    • Step-by-step action planning life-cycle guides personalized to your organization
    • Best practices can be selected for action plans to be auto-filled in the online format into the newly developed action plan
    • Enhanced best practice library for more than 150 items
    • Simplified action plan format that also allows for integrated team communication