Effective leadership is the foundation of any organization.

Without strong leaders at the helm, companies may fail to realize their profitability goals, experience declining employee engagement and customer satisfaction results, and possibly lose competitive ground. Given the strong link between employee engagement and specific leadership behaviors, it is important for companies to evaluate leadership performance on a regular basis. 360 degree assessments identify which behaviors have the greatest impact on employees and what should be done to motivate them to further drive a culture of engagement. Research shows companies that survey and engage their employees deliver greater results. Inspiring leaders encourage employees to go above expectations, recommend improvements and seek out ways to expand their individual roles.

  • What can TNS 360 Surveys do?

    The cumulative effect of undergoing 360 leadership assessments on a regular basis gives the company more control over its workforce strategy and reveals a clearer picture of its strengths and capabilities. A 360 degree assessment can unleash leadership potential by providing:

    • A broader perspective of how they are perceived by others
    • New insights obtained from candid, open feedback
    • A more rounded view of their overall performance
    • A description of the business' strengths that need to be capitalized on
    • An analysis of how they personally impact others - both positively and negatively
    • Increasing productivity by tapping into under-utilized strengths
    • Making succession planning more effective
    • Developing more targeted coaching and training programs
  • Why are TNS 360 Surveys different?

    360 degree assessments offer organizations a number of valuable features:

    • Online systems make the assessment process more efficient, reliable and affordable
    • Special analyses can help organizations develop targeted coaching and training programs
    • Assessments can be translated into multiple languages so reviewers can provide feedback in their native languages
    • Unique IDs and passwords ensure responses and results remain confidential
    • Tracking mechanisms allow users to closely monitor the survey process
360 Degree Survey Reports and Reporting